Furniture Cords

Bharat Hosiery Factory (BHF) has curated a new, specific brand for Outdoor Furniture Cords and Ropes by the name of Bharat Ropes (BR). We are here to replace wicker for your own comfort. BR has it’s own manufacturing unit of polypropylene ropes which are present in various forms; thick, thin, flat, round.

Our rope , cord comprises of various properties which are essential for outdoor material, like UV Protection, Antistatic, Fade Resistant etc. They are durable and strong in nature, making them the best choice for weaving of outdoor furniture. They also give the product a modern and distinctive look, making it a comfortable outdoor seating.

You can easily use our product to form various furniture designs by braiding, twisting, knotting them altogether. Furniture products like outdoor poufs, planters, sofa sets, chairs, loungers, etc are some of the options.

Our products are high in quality and are manufactured using exquisite and latest Research and Development methods and technologies. We provide ropes ranging from 4mm to 75mm width and 4mm to 32mm thickness available in variety of colours. We also cater to the specific needs and requirements of our customers which helps us to stand out in the market.

Bringing Indoor comfort OUTDOORS!

BharatDori: Crafting Quality Polypropylene Ropes Since 1960